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About Hmong Food


Hmong food. What is Hmong food? To answer that question, you must first understand who we are and where we come from. Hmong people are a hill tribe people from Southeast Asia—Laos, Vietnam, and Thailand. We are a people of love and nurture, of passion and life. We are historically a poor people who eat a way of subsistence. We waste none. And though we may not have much, we give all. In our culture, it is considered especially rude for a host to not offer their guests food, for food is the most exemplary display of our hospitality.

Before all else, we cook for our guests. And what meals do we cook for them you might ask? Why, our mother’s meals of course! All Hmong mothers can cook, and it is our mother’s cooking that we crave most of all. When we are down, it is our mother’s food that brings our spirits back. It brings us alive! It is comfort food—food for the soul. This is the food Hmong’s Golden Eggrolls wishes to share with you, the guests of our home.

Recommended Hmong Dishes

At Hmong’s Golden Eggrolls, we put love on a plate for you. We showcase this fervor by cooking for you authentic, homemade dishes made from our gardens, our sweat, and our hearts. At Hmong’s Golden Eggrolls, we care for our guests, we care for you. Come dine with us and let our foods lift you.

fried tilapia

Fried Tilapia



Red Curry

Red Curry

Sausage with Sticky Rice

Sausage w/ Sticky Rice